Zombie Outhouse

Jan 18, 2011- It's old news but we recently found out that Zombie Outhouse was featured in an msnbc.com video entitled Windows Phone 7 is the Xbox phone on October 20, 2010.

Windows Phone 7 and iOS features:

- Automatic save/restore continues the game where you left off
- iOS version is universal with full support for iPad and iOS Retina Display

Learn how Zombie Outhouse was made at the Bioroid Dev Blog!


Experience the terror of being trapped in the Zombie Outhouse as you try to defend yourself for as long as possible. Play through 25 levels acquiring 5 different weapons to help you survive.

Also includes Endless mode where you have immediate access to all available weapons.

Headphones recommended to experience the full horror.


- Zombie killing fun!
- 5 different weapons
- Awesomely terrifying audio
- Endurance testing story mode